U of I Fall Cup – U13 & U12 finalists on penalties

October 1st, 2018

Congratulations to the FC Mirage 2006 – U13 Boys for making the finals of the Fall Cup in Urbana/Champaign on Sep 28/29.  The team was undefeated across all three group games (2-0, 3-0, 2-1) winning game 3 in the dying seconds before what would have been a penalty shootout.  After game 3, the boys had only a half hour rest, in comparison to the opponent’s five hours before having the play the final. Temperatures for the final on turf soared to the mid 90s after a freezing Saturday in what was almost a repeat of last year’s scorching U15 final.  Sloppy refereeing disregarded a Mirage first half goal and the fatigue of the double games showed on the boys.  Regardless, the team stayed compact and try to break the deadlock, catching a second wind in overtime, but the game went to penalties.  Both teams missed their first penalties, with the second shots saved by goalkeepers.  The opponent converted their remaining kicks to win the game on penalties. Congratulations to the team for a well played tournament; even the best can go out on penalties.  On to the next one!


Congratulations to the FC Mirage 2007 – U12 Boys for also making the Fall Cup finals.  The boys were tied 1-1 in game 1, when the referee allowed extended time to go over the allotted game time, for a breakaway for the opponent ending the game at 2-1.  Mirage fired back up knowing they needed wins to make the final, and winning 4-1 in Game 2 & 3-1 in Game 3 to finish as the top seed of their group.  The final saw a rematch of game 1, in which horrendous refereeing gave the opposing team not one, not two, but three penalties in one match.  Mirage scored two goals before half time to make the game 2-2, but fell victim to another penalty kick to end the game 3-2.  Congratulations to the team on a well played tournament, it’s always a shame when officiating dictates the result of a youth game.