Program Overview

For all teams (excluding high school age teams), the annual program runs from June to June and consists consists of three seasons: Fall, Winter-Indoor and Spring.  Players are encouraged to participate in the full annual program.

Fall Season: runs from the end of August through the beginning of November consisting of eight league games and one tournament (usually out of Chicagoland for older age groups). Teams train two times per week while older teams might have a third conditioning training from mid August through mid September. Players have set training days for their team, but there is some flexibility for occasional makeups or extra training. Training days & times are generally sent out before the start of season in early August so families can plan other activities.

Winter (Indoor) Season: runs from the first week of December through Mid March.  Teams train once a week, either in a futsal gym or at the Athletico Center. FC Mirage teams compete in the Champions League indoor season at the Athletico Center in Glenview with games on Saturdays or Sundays.  The indoor league is not included in annual program costs and carries its own fee. Mirage also offers optional winter indoor skills clinics from November – March to give players more opportunities to play during the long winter as indoor space/time is very limited in our area.

Spring Season: runs from early April through early June consisting of eight league games and a tournament (local). Teams train two times per week. Players have set training days for their team, but there is some flexibility for occasional makeups or extra training. Tryouts for the following year are usually held during May of the Spring Season.

Summer:  Between the end of spring season in early-mid June and the start of pre-season in late August (around the start of school time), players have the option to attend summer camps and private/small group sessions.  Generally the summer is considered off season as school is out, families are on vacation, and many players attend summer sleep away camps.


F.C. Mirage is a member of the Illinois Youth Soccer Association (IYSA). Our boys teams compete in the Young Sportsman’s Soccer League (YSSL) and our girls teams compete in the Illinois Women’s Soccer League (IWSL). For the indoor season, our teams compete in the Champions League at the Athletico Center in Glenview/Northbrook. We are a travel soccer club and the amount of travel required usually depends on the division a team plays in. For example, younger teams play in divisions that are based on geographical regions; teams compete against those that are closest to their home field to minimize travel for younger players while maintaining a competitive travel soccer experience . On the other hand a team competing at a higher level can require greater distance of travel. On paper it seems inviting to consistently travel to multiple cities and states for soccer games, but we realize that many players and families have limited schedules.  We are fortunate to be located in the heart of Chicagoland, a metropolitan area that boasts numerous soccer clubs and leagues with varying levels of competition right in our own backyard.

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