To schedule an Individual Private Session or Small Group Session – Contact Coach Igor at 

Open to players of all ages and skill level. 


Individual private sessions are used by players ranging from those brand new to the sport to experienced players interested in strengthening their soccer abilities. Consistent private sessions are suggest for focused players looking to constantly improve on their craft and can be used by players preparing for youth, high school, or college tryouts.  A private training session gives a player valuable one-on-one time and specialized instruction. Private sessions generally have a flexible schedule that can be structured around players’ schedules and serve as a supplement to team training during the season. 

Introductory sessions for new soccer players and beginners have an emphasis on individual mechanics and repetition to give players the ability to test their skills through individual challenges and obstacles. What players work on is applicable to games and is structured in a way to make new players fall more in love with soccer. 

Advanced sessions are for players looking to further develop the skills that they currently possess and achieve new goals as athletes and players.  Sessions are structured individually to help players improve at what they are struggling with in specific moments of the game, such as shooting with the back to the goal, receiving the ball from the air when under pressure of an opponent, 1v1 moves and feints to get past an opponent, etc;  Sessions for advanced players consist of short rest periods with an emphasis on strength and conditioning while working with the ball. Confused as to the responsibilities and roles of your position on the field?  Position specific sessions can be structured to your liking.

SMALL GROUP SESSIONS: (4 player min/ 8 player max) – Introductory or Advanced

Similar to introductory individual sessions, small group sessions can help a group of new players transition into travel soccer as well as to gauge the abilities and skill level of a group of friends interested in playing together for a travel team.  For existing soccer players, small group sessions serve to further develop players’ skills during the season and/or continue working in the off-season.  Small group sessions will focus on players working in twos and threes, as well as competing against each other (based on the number of players) from 1v1 to 4v4.  Players will be challenged by playing against/working with all players in the session.