2019 November Winter Indoor Clinics – Boys & Girls

For fourteen years the FC Mirage Winter Indoor Clinic Program has been a successful way of integrating new players into travel soccer and serving as a jumpstart for new players to join existing F.C. Mirage Teams for the indoor &/or spring season. Both introductory and advanced clinics serve as a way to help existing players strengthen their individual abilities and skills. Players are pushed to improve on their first touch and ball control, due to the different way in which a ball bounces and moves on a futsal style floor as compared to grass/turf. Focused attention to detail leads to positive results.


Introductory (2013-2011 Birth Years)

BOYS: Six Clinics @New Church Gym
Nov. 11,12,13,14,18,20 (5:30-6:30pm)
GIRLS: Six Clinics @New Church Gym
Nov. 12,13,14,18 (6:30-7:30pm) & Nov. 19, 21 (5:30-6:30pm)

Advanced I (2010-2008 Birth Years)

BOYS & GIRLS: Four Clinics @New Church Gym
NCG Clinics (6:30-7:30pm): Nov. 11
NCG Clinics (7:30-8:30pm): Nov 13,18,20
& One Game Day @Athletico
AC Gameplay (4:00-5:00pm): Nov. 14

Advanced II (2007-2005 Birth Years)

BOYS & GIRLS: Five Clinics @New Church Gym
NCG Clinics (7:30-8:30pm): Nov 11,12,14,19,21
& One Game Day @Athletico
AC Gameplay (4:00-5:00pm):(4:00-5:00pm): Nov. 13


Indoor Gym at the Glenview New Church
Address:  75 Park Drive.  Glenview, IL 60025

From 94(41) take Lake Ave. Exit west to Shermer Rd. & turn right on Glenview Rd. Turn right on Park Drive then go left at the “T.” Parking is located on the northwest corner of the church in front of the gym.


Introductory Clinics: For younger players new to travel soccer, or existing players looking to re-visit early building blocks they might be missing in their play. The overall goal is to provide assistance to players who want to further their progress in soccer by strengthening their balance, basic skills, body coordination, decision-making, endurance and overall game play. Sessions consist of introductory “Deep Training” where players learn through repetition of making errors/mistakes and then correcting them. Serving as a low-pressure introduction to travel soccer, new players have integrated into existing teams through attending indoor clinics and/or gained experience in the FC Mirage system to prepare them for the upcoming season’s tryouts. These clinics are generally for players ages 6 to 10.

Advanced Clinics: Two groups: 9 – 11 yrs old AND 12-15 yrs old – advanced clinics are for those looking to improve their individual skills. Players work through more intense “Deep Training” sessions and are pushed to the edge of their capabilities.  Training in this dynamic capacity leads to players improving on skills at a faster pace, as they learn through making errors/mistakes and correcting them quickly. Advanced clinics focus on rapid improvement of individual skill, personal fitness, and speed of decision making. These clinics are generally for players ages 10-15 (9 year old advanced players may attend Advanced 1 clinics – if you have any questions on which session to attend, please email them to info@fcmirage.com)


  • More than one member from the same family?  Receive 10% off the full clinic fee for one player
  • All current FC Mirage players receive 10% off.
  • Introductory players should wear indoor soccer shoes(flats), soccer shorts, shin guards, soccer socks and bring a soccer ball & water bottle. Advanced Clinic players are not required to wear shin guards but should bring them to every session.
  • All NEW players required to purchase an Adidas/FC Mirage jersey (15) which players will wear for the duration of the clinics, as well as for training sessions if you join an FC Mirage team. 
  • Boys & Girls Introductory – Six Sessions: 125
  • Advanced I – Four Sessions / One Gameplay: 130
  • Advanced II – Five Sessions / One Gameplay: 150


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