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Located in the northern suburbs of Chicago, F.C. Mirage is a youth soccer club centralized between the villages of Glenview, Golf, Morton Grove and Wilmette; the club is comprised of players and families from the above areas as well as Chicago, Northbrook and Skokie.  F.C. Mirage was established in June 2012 after the closing of the Mirage Soccer Club.  After the passing of MSC Founder and Director of Coaching, Sead “Seyo” Galijasevic, his son Igor created a new club carrying on his father’s soccer philosophy which had served Mirage Soccer Club since 2005 and cemented the club’s reputation as a respected and successful soccer organization in the North Shore.

F.C. Mirage as a youth soccer club boasts an environment similar to a smaller university when compared to larger schools. We do not have enormous soccer complexes; we do not have three to four teams at one age group, classified by nicknames (i.e. classic, premier) to create the appearance that all teams receive the same amount of effort and attention from coaches.  We know all of our players’ names, strengths, weaknesses, and aspects of their individual and team gameplay which they need to develop. We pride ourselves on maintaining a family oriented soccer experience for every player and have been consistently growing as a club and a soccer family. Positive feedback about family experiences with the club’s team and individual soccer programs, echo throughout the surrounding communities.

Often parents are pressured through monetary deadlines and are led to believe that their sons and daughters, even at a very young age, must play for specific teams or soccer organizations in order to be successful in high school and college soccer. We are proud to say that of the two original Mirage boys teams, 85% of players made their respective highs school teams their freshman year. From 2010-2013 Glenbrook South High School in Glenview (for which F.C. Mirage are not considered a youth soccer “feeder system”) featured 12 Mirage players in their varsity team lineup. Nine of those players were starters and one received a four year soccer scholarship to play at DePaul University in Chicago; the first time in 20 years that a player from Glenview made it to Division 1 College Soccer. One more player “walked-on” to the Notre Dame men’s team as a Sophomore.

In 2014 the GBS freshmen girls soccer team was comprised of 80% Mirage players. All of the members of the first Mirage girls team made their respective high school teams, which consist of GBS in Glenview, Loyola Academy, and Taft High School in Chicago; a number of the girls are varsity players in the 2017 spring season.  From 2014-2016, Mirage alumni featured in the varsity starting lineups of three high schools: six at GBS, two at Highland Park and one at Christian Heritage Academy. A contingent of the upcoming group of freshman and sophomore boys will be playing for on the varsity level in the fall of 2017.

Unfortunately, we do not receive any consideration or mention for helping build players and athletes for our community schools, but want to make families aware that their child does not have to play for a specific club to be successful in sports later in their career.  Players succeed based on their efforts and talent.

F.C. Mirage is not a large organization.  We enjoy working with our existing teams and having the opportunity to focus on individual players in a team setting composed of players from all over Chicagoland.  From clinics to  to summer camps to private lessons, FC Mirage offers many programs to existing and new players.  Our teams maintain strong records in their respective divisions and further positive showings in the Illinois Cup as well as other local/out of state tournaments.

F.C. Mirage – Mind, heart and confidence through teamwork.